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Lynette & Peter Zwane


"Our sustainability plan is to offer services across the board from private to public sector in which they will be remunerated.."
- Lynette Zwane



By empowering young people to become visionary future leaders. This the Foundation will achieve through partnerships with government, the private sector, other civil society organisations, and various other sectors of the community.


 Restoring hope to young people to become the future with a view to recreating the social fibre that produces the best citizenry for the country. Through our partnerships strive to reduce social ills that create setbacks in our communities.


Taking conscious steps to share relevant information to a relevant level when there is a need to do so. Ensuring that all employees, stakeholders, partners are informed and are treated in a manner that is just and fair. Being forthright with information when there is a need for things to be done, or to be known and information to be shared.

Our Recent Projects

The Lynette and Peter Zwane foundation sought to partner with the NSFAS which resorts under Department of Higher Education and Training to reach out to students in the deep rural areas who have always missed an opportunity to apply for NSFAS…